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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Photo Hunt = Check!

Well it was tough and literally up to the minute I went to bed last night, but I DID IT!! I challenged myself to complete the August Photo Hunt Challenge that I found over at Ashley Sisk's Ramblings and Photos blog at the beginning of the month.  Her blog is great, well really beyond great!  I haven't figured out how she is able to work and do all the amazing challenges she does, but I love it and she is quite the inspiration.  Thank you Ashley for making me want to get out and shoot! 

I was able to complete this challenge with using only 2 photos from my archives (from June 2010),  that being said, I was pretty happy with myself.

So here we go:

Amy-Flag to represent

1. Something to Represent Me:  Well nothing says it more than the Gay Pride flag that was raised atop the Seattle Space Needle during Gay Pride weekend in June this year. Yes this is an archive piece, but to be honest I couldn't resist posting it.  It was the first time the Space Needle hoisted the flag and it was quite an emotional moment.  I come from such a great city who is so supportive!

Amy-Something comfortable

2. Something Comfortable: What is more comfortable than the loves from Grammy?!  This picture captured the love and special bond that these two have. This shot was also my first attempt at erasing a background and just focusing on the subject.  I am happy with it and I think Grammy will love it when she gets it for Christmas :)

Amy-Something in season

3. Something in Season: CRAB!!!  Delicious, fresh caught crab! It was a true treat.


4. Feet: My feet! Ok maybe I should have done a pedicure before this picture, but I really like the "infrared" process I did with this one.


5. Repetition: The lines of this gate really intrigued me.


6. Ethnicity: My very talented friend, Drew Rodriguez painted the picture, which I have posted before. U absolutely ADORE his work.


7. Contrast: The red lips and plaid hat SCREAM in this picture. I LOVE IT!


8. Indulgence: It's a feast for this little bee.

Amy-Macro Closeup

9. Macro/Closeup: I LOVE MACRO images! This little grasshopper became my subject after he diligently stayed put after my morning watering of the garden.


10. Masculine: Our friend JT came over one night to visit, and I took advantage of using his beautiful bike for this shot. He hasn't seen this yet and when he does, hope he loves it!

Amy-Something Feminine

11. Feminine: The simplicity of a white rose.


12. Light: Literally.


13. Eco-Friendly: Ok, this may be a stretch...but the simplicity of a water fountain. No plastic bottles. Just pure water into your mouth.


14. Business: The Edgefield in Troutdale, Oregon. If you haven't been there...put it on your list to visit. Music, wine, brew, golf, spa...list goes on and on!


15. Arrow: My least creative of the shots. But, there are some arrows!

Amy-Something Wet

16. Something Wet: I love how the water drops look on the leaves after a rain or even watering the garden.

Amy-Something dry

17. Something Dry: RICE...before it's cooked that is.


18. Butterfly: This is also a piece of Drew Rodriguez's work. The sharpness of this picture is not as good as I had hoped, but it still shows the beauty of his work.

Amy-Heart Shaped Cloud

19. Heart Shaped Cloud: I found one! I hope you see it too!

and lastly...


20. Strength: This too is an archive pic, but I loved the girls trying to "hold" up the tiger.

WHEW!!!! I did it! I hope you enjoy!


  1. Great job on all the photos! The butterfly one is beautiful!

  2. Love your photos! Thanks for sharing! Repetition, Strength, Macro, Indulgence and more! :) Great work.

    Here are my selections:


  3. There is some good stuff here Gurl keep it up!

  4. Your macro shot is awesome and your repetition is tight. Great work.

  5. your dry rice is so perfectly fitting for the theme! I kind of looked at it like "DUH, why didn't I think of that". Great collection!

  6. Great job! I love the butterfly shot!

  7. Your macro and indulgence shots are just stunning! But my favorite is your flag shot, even if it is from the archives. Love it!

  8. I love macro shots too! Great job!

  9. Great pictures, I love the macro and the indulgence shots!

  10. Great photos! I also love macros! Your grasshopper is awesome! Also, really loved your repetition! The depth of field in that one is really great!

  11. Thank you for all the great responses! As you can tell, I LOVE MACRO! The majority of my work is done that way.

  12. Great shots -- my favorites are light and eco-friendly -- very creative.

  13. Great job! I love your macro shot and flag shot.

  14. I love the water fountain...I think it is perfect for eco-friendly! They are all outstanding!

  15. Great job! Indulgence and macro were awesome and I loved all the others too. Thanks for participating, I hope you play along again in October!

  16. Grate job on the photos.

    Grate marco shot, I love how you can still see the water drops on it.

  17. You have so many great shots here but that macro shot is seriously incredible. BTW, I don't know how I do it either...and lately I haven't been able to do it. That day job got in my way!

  18. super shots... i really like your light and ethnicity.