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Sunday, December 19, 2010

{events}: GIRL4GIRL "Winter Heat"

Those who know me, know that Kendall and I met at Girl4Girl in Everett a little over 2 years ago...which is kind of crazy. She couldn't believe she was dj'ing in Everett (at a Girl4Girl none the less) and I never thought I would A) end up with a dj and B) meet someone at a bar. Well I did, we did. Since then, we haven't frequented the event but this last month she was asked to play at the newly relaunched Seattle monthly event at Club Sur in SODO. We didn't quite know what the event was going to be like, but we did know that the beautiful, talented Miss Fuchsia Foxx was the creative director and that Kendall was asked to play "what she plays". So Kendall grabbed her "Lezbro" Tony Burns and the two of them planned to WOW these girls! AND THEY DID (and as a treat, you can hear it too CLICK HERE)!!! "Winter Heat" was hot and here are a few shots from what turned out to be an amazing evening...
DJ's of the evening - LA Kendall & Tony Burns
A shot of the venue...which is absolutely gorgeous!
G4G @ Club Sur Dec 2010
Miss Fuchsia Foxx and GoGo Nadia Eye-Candy
Naughty Go-Go's @ G4G
Fuchsia Foxx looking absolutely beautiful and holiday like!
Fuchsia Foxx
the'Luminous Pariah (this costume was unbelievable in person)
the'Luminous Pariah

Want to see a few more photos? CLICK HERE