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Monday, August 30, 2010

RAW (e): Yellow

I am trying to keep up to date with the challenges of the week.  Not only does it make me feel somewhat accomplished, its a great way to get me out there doing what I love to do and stretching my creativity.

Going back through my shots from last week, I found these beautiful flowers that I took a picture of while we were at the Smokey Point Plant Farm.  It was my first time at a nursery with a camera...and let me tell you, this is just one of many shots that I took that afternoon.  I was pretty much in heaven with all the blooms.  This picture is straight from my camera with no adjustments and hey, it works for Mellow Yellow Monday too! BONUS!


Would you like to play too? 
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Baby Blue Eyes


There is nothing I enjoy more than the sparkle in my boy's eyes and the sun kisses across this cheeks.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Grime Presents....

Saturday August 21st...The Chapel's Saturday night party GRIME with DJ Skiddle (C89.5FM)  had live performances from L.A. Kendall, followed by Lisa Dank & White Widows!  Both acts performed songs produced by Sammy LaForge.








Fabulous New Friends


Last month I saw a post on a fellow bloggers site about a new group called "Dear Darlings", and I quickly signed up thinking how great it would be to have a pen pal!  Well not only do I have 1, I have 3 great women around the world (literally) that I am receiving mail from. It is a joy to check the mailbox now to see if I have received any special little envelopes that are not bills or junk mail. 

So far, this project seems to be going just great!  I have received multiple "joys" in the mail from all the ladies.  First to show was this cute card from Carol in California


She sent this cute kitty card in reflection of my pics of kitties on my blog.  I do love cats.  Carol's first letter introduced herself and what seems like has been a wonderful life for her so far.  Her story of her relationship with her husband left me smiling, as they were college sweethearts who married, then divorced and remarried 27 years later. Amazing!! I look forward to continuing to learn more about Carol.  She keeps me giggling daily with her blog posts, which is appropriately named "Middle-Aged Diva".  Her second letter has also arrived and is a great Q&A in response to my first letter to her.  Can't wait to follow up with her on that one.

Second to arrive:


And actually 3rd as well, was my letters from Monique in Florida!  She loves Disney World and spends a bit of time there.  I would too if I lived that close.  I may be a bit jealous, as I have only been to Disneyland and that was only once (at the age of 22).  Monique's first card was a brief introduction and this second one above, was responses to my Q&A that I sent her.  Seems like we may have a lot of similar likes, based on her card maybe she likes to scrap!?!? Which I have know to be a bit obsessed with on occasion. 

And finally to arrive (all the way from Patagonia Chile, I think this is where email is much more efficient than snail mail):


Heather's card is so cute and whimsical, maybe a reflection of her personality?! Heather and her husband live in Patagonia Chile, where he is a guide in the national park (Torres del Paine).  From her letter it sounds like Heather stays pretty busy running, doing yoga, backpacking, photography and loves reading poetry. While we both have a love of coffee...she is cutting back her consumption...well because she is PREGNANT!! Yay for her...I look forward to our communication of her pregnancy and birth of her first child. Her blog is a great one to follow as well, and appropriately named "A measure of...."

If you want to join this project, click on over to Oh, My Darling's blog and sign up! BTW...her site also has lots of cute other stuff to check out!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Inside the Artist Studio: Drew Rodriguez

Last week I took some pictures of  local oil, encaustic and paper artist ~ Drew Rodriguez's work space  (he was at work...hehe), while Kendall was in the studio recording her new tracks.  I loved looking at his new piece he is working on and seeing all his supplies spread across the table. You have seen his work before here on my blog, as I photographed his first Art Walk in Pioneer Square at the beginning of the month. 

Tools of the trade

Work in progress... Her eyes are so mysterious and a bit haunting

You Capture: Outdoor


While summer is coming to an end here in the PNW, we were lucky enough to have some late blooming flowers.  Partially because we didn't get to planting any seeds until June and then that was followed by an outlandish storm of heavy rains.  This day of rain left our flower beds flooded out and we were curious to see what was going to take and where it was going to end up in our flower beds.  Luckily, almost everything made it...and that made it so we are just now enjoying the beautiful colors of the zinnia blooms. 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Lady Bear Tour

Hard Times Presents........The Lady Bear Tour with Nicky Click and CJ & The Dolls at Re-Bar ~ Saturday August 14, 2010.  It was HOT but these girls...they were HOTTER!

The Eyes of Laura Kendall

L.A. Kendall  turned out for a solo performance Saturday night at The Chapel to perform her two new songs, "Heteroflexible" and "Bring Those Beats" with music produced by Sammy LaForge.  These songs will be available on L.A. Kendall's blog in the following month. 
She can next be seen live at Holocene (PDX) on September 18th for 'Gaycation', where not only will she be giving you some vocals, but dropping a set on the decks.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lisa Dank & The White Widows

Local sensation and soon to be worldy known...
The girls stopped by Seattle's ReBar Saturday night to surprise the crowd with songs "On the Radio" and "Cookies", following their appearance at C89.5's Listener Appreciation Party. 

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Our Overnighter

Tuesday night we went down to the Edgefield in Troutdale, Oregon to spend the night for Kendall's sister birthday.  WHAT A GREAT PROPERTY!!  The Edgefield is own by McMenamins and features many pubs (I think there are 9) and restaurants.  As well as a wonderful spa, which includes the most amazing soaking pool.  It was wonderful at 8:00 am, such a great way to start the day. 

The rooms are European-style, which if you don't know, means they have no bathrooms and you share a lounge down the hall.  To be honest I was kind of scared of this, but actually, it was great.  You walked into the "Ladies Lounge" and there was a sitting area that boasted a couch and chair, then there were 3 separate bathrooms with showers, etc.  Within the rooms, all differently adorned with paintings of whimsical tales.  Our room, The Bankers Room had quotes from Mike McMenamin and Monopoly images. 

Upon venturing out onto the property, there were many little pubs in such cute and quaint places and also they have a full winery.  Growing their own grapes in the vineyard that sits below the property, and serving organic fruits and vegetables, as well as herbs, also grown on the grounds makes this property fairly self sufficient and green. 

There is much, much more to this property...but you have to take a look for yourself!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pioneer Square Art Walk

The first Thursday of the month brings us the Pioneer Square Art Walk.  As a family, we ventured down to Tiffany Talent's loft who was showcasing the beautiful art work of our friend,  Drew Rodriguez and sounds of DJ Sammy LaForge.  While I have had a chance to sneak a peek of Drew's work at his studio apartment, it was great to see it on the walls and on display for all to see. I love his use of mixed media, including wax and special custom fabrics.