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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fabulous New Friends


Last month I saw a post on a fellow bloggers site about a new group called "Dear Darlings", and I quickly signed up thinking how great it would be to have a pen pal!  Well not only do I have 1, I have 3 great women around the world (literally) that I am receiving mail from. It is a joy to check the mailbox now to see if I have received any special little envelopes that are not bills or junk mail. 

So far, this project seems to be going just great!  I have received multiple "joys" in the mail from all the ladies.  First to show was this cute card from Carol in California


She sent this cute kitty card in reflection of my pics of kitties on my blog.  I do love cats.  Carol's first letter introduced herself and what seems like has been a wonderful life for her so far.  Her story of her relationship with her husband left me smiling, as they were college sweethearts who married, then divorced and remarried 27 years later. Amazing!! I look forward to continuing to learn more about Carol.  She keeps me giggling daily with her blog posts, which is appropriately named "Middle-Aged Diva".  Her second letter has also arrived and is a great Q&A in response to my first letter to her.  Can't wait to follow up with her on that one.

Second to arrive:


And actually 3rd as well, was my letters from Monique in Florida!  She loves Disney World and spends a bit of time there.  I would too if I lived that close.  I may be a bit jealous, as I have only been to Disneyland and that was only once (at the age of 22).  Monique's first card was a brief introduction and this second one above, was responses to my Q&A that I sent her.  Seems like we may have a lot of similar likes, based on her card maybe she likes to scrap!?!? Which I have know to be a bit obsessed with on occasion. 

And finally to arrive (all the way from Patagonia Chile, I think this is where email is much more efficient than snail mail):


Heather's card is so cute and whimsical, maybe a reflection of her personality?! Heather and her husband live in Patagonia Chile, where he is a guide in the national park (Torres del Paine).  From her letter it sounds like Heather stays pretty busy running, doing yoga, backpacking, photography and loves reading poetry. While we both have a love of coffee...she is cutting back her consumption...well because she is PREGNANT!! Yay for her...I look forward to our communication of her pregnancy and birth of her first child. Her blog is a great one to follow as well, and appropriately named "A measure of...."

If you want to join this project, click on over to Oh, My Darling's blog and sign up! BTW...her site also has lots of cute other stuff to check out!

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  1. This is truly cool. I love that there are people getting back to putting pen on paper!!!