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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pioneer Square Art Walk

The first Thursday of the month brings us the Pioneer Square Art Walk.  As a family, we ventured down to Tiffany Talent's loft who was showcasing the beautiful art work of our friend,  Drew Rodriguez and sounds of DJ Sammy LaForge.  While I have had a chance to sneak a peek of Drew's work at his studio apartment, it was great to see it on the walls and on display for all to see. I love his use of mixed media, including wax and special custom fabrics. 


  1. These are so beautiful! Love the honeycomb mix of wax too! Hope you are having a great weekend!

  2. I too love his use of the honeycombs. Weekend so far so good, its been family time. Dear Darling's letters ready to go in mail tomorrow. Now off to work on pictures! Hope you are having a great one as well!!!

  3. I love the Pioneer Square Art Walk. I have a friend, Rance Holiman, who displays down there and I've purchased some fabulous pieces. I'm going to head down soon.