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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Feeling a little Black & White

For todays challenges I decided to go black and white
While I love color, sometimes the contrast of 2 colors can really make a photo pop! 

For this challenge I took a picture I snapped this morning while at breakfast.  We had some errands to run in Everett and I was hungry (as usual and we never want to wait when that is the case) so we found this great little cafe, The Mermaid Cafe.  It was a little, family ran establishment with the daughter working the counter, while mom and auntie were on the grill.  The setting was quaint with local artists' work lining the walls and lots of little touches like the sign above the door that read "See you later alligator". 
 I think my favorite part of cafe was the Mason jar glasses,
well that and the Big Jonny's burrito I had.


I thought I would keep the black and white theme going with this shot of Emily.  She is the elderly cat of our close friend Dann.  Her colors match that of Dann's and white. 

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  1. Love the incredible opaque textures of the glass! Beautifully captured! And a delightful image of a cat's intense stare!

  2. Both pics are REALLY great! I like the depth perception of the mason jar and Emily reminds me of my Patches (featured on a past WW) :)

  3. pop! pop! pop! get it girl! great work! keep it up!

  4. Great Photos! I Love the mason jar.