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Friday, July 16, 2010

Treasury Time!

So I have been bored at work today...and when that happens, Etsy happens! Creating treasury's is such a fun way to see all the great items being created out there. Let me tell you, there are a lot of talented people walking this earth. Curation Nation's weekly challenge involved the use of this beautiful pink rose hat (which I need to buy I think) and from that I decided to go all ROSES and all PINK. Then the inner-geek in me created TECH.NOL.O.GY all the while singing Daft Punk in my head! I also showed some support to my newest team Tree of Treasury's! I felt it was time for a little tea after feeling a lil blue.

Tonight I will be in the studio and will have some more photos for your viewing pleasure, until then...XOXO!


  1. Lovin' yer work girl! Keep it comin!!!

  2. Thank you Kendall...and thank you for all your support!