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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Busy past couple of months...

Well hey everyone! I think I am back...that last few months have been crazy busy with lots of happenings. My camera was stolen, since has been replaced. I ran into some technical difficulties in learning all the new software and such, which I think I may have figured out. And well...June was Gay Pride month and I was involved with Qulture Qreative in all sorts of happenings around Seattle. ...WHEW!

The month of July I am hoping I will get my Etsy store off the ground and producing some great work. I am using this store to showcase not only my work, but my son Jacob's as well. I found many pictures while cleaning up the computer one day that I can almost say....(are better than mine). Shhhhhhh!!! Please click the link to the left for my Etsy store. Also I am starting a new website as a portfolio of some of my work. All of this is a work in progress and any comments/suggestions you may have would be very welcomed!

Hope summer has been treating you all well....

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