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Friday, October 1, 2010


While this blog is primarily for my photography work, I wanted to share with you a very special video created by our friends Dan Savage and Terry Hecker.  The IT GETS BETTER Project is a message to gay, bi and trans teens telling them that YES it gets better.  This project has gone nationwide, even earning Dan the "awesome" factor on the "INDEX" for 'The Culture' in this weeks NEWSWEEK (Oct 4, 2010)! While I didn't have to deal with the bullying in high school, as I was not out yet, I can only imagine the how awful it must be with kids today.  Even our own 9 year old has come home with words of fellow students and even family members that definitely disturbs Kendall and I.  We though, sent our child to CAMP TEN TREES this year in hopes that he would learn the most valuable lesson...It's ok to be gay. It's ok to have gay friends. Its ok to be who ever you are!  And he DID!! 

With all the suicides that have happened over this last week, please watch the video below and feel free to share!

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