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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

{events}: Kyle Charvat Foundation 5.26.2011

Last Thursday night I was part of an awesome event!  Lake Union Cafe hosted the Kyle Charvat Foundation Formal Dance, where students joined in celebration of the success of their annual golf tournament

What is the Kyle Charvat Foundation you ask?  Well it is probably one of the most amazing foundations I have heard of, and to have young people strive to help other young people is truly amazing.  Kyle Charvat (1983-2006) was a very successful student at the University of Washington, who unfortunately had his life end too young from brain cancer.  In his bout of illness and treatment, he and his family realized the erroneous costs involved and what isn't paid by insurance.  College students typically do not have the financial resources needed to afford the high medical costs of such illness like Kyle's.  The majority of charities focus on children.  These young adult, college students are sometimes just "left" out there.  No where to turn and should anything catastrophic transpire, without any help. That's where this foundation steps in.  Their contributions to the beneficiaries helps alleviate financial, logistical and other disease related burdens that these students are facing while facing a life-threatening disease.

Please click on the link above to learn more and donate if possible. 

Below is the link for the photos of their night.  Ginger Girl Photography will be donating 20% of the proceeds from the pictures sold to the Kyle Charvat Foundation.

CLICK HERE to be taken to the picture gallery.

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